Historic Mariposa, CA
April 25, 26, 27, 2008

2014 Sutler's Village

Sutler by definition is:  "a person following an army to sell food, clothing, suppliers, liquor, or any other provision to its soldiers".

Therefore, keeping in tradition with the actual Civil War, we are extremely excited this year to welcome a host of sutlers to our event.  These Sutlers provide nothing short of the most authentic merchandise for Reenactors and event guests.  This year we are looking forward to more Sutlers joining us from around the USA!

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The Yankee Reb
The goal of the Yankee Reb is to supply the lady reenactor and her children with quality products to aid in their Civil War impression. Rebecca Ross, founder and owner has been a Civil War reenactor since 1989. Knowing what a struggle it is to find quality clothing and accessories, at prices that won't lead you to the poor house, sparked Rebecca to start the Yankee Reb. We are always looking to supply hard to find items, vintage items and good quality hand made reproductions. Every item is chosen to help the ladies look as if they stepped out of a history book.

Timeless Stitches
With Timeless Stitches, The possibilities are endless!!
Timeless Stitches was born out of a desire to provide accurate and interesting patterns for re-enactors.  When I started re-enacting I could not find patterns that fit properly or were for the garments I wanted to make, so I started making my own patterns.  I think you will find these patterns easy to follow, with lot's of directions and information about your garment.  I have tried to include lots of options and ideas for fabrics and trims;  all the things that I could  not find when I start out.  I have tried to size my patterns so that they fit most bodies, and have included all sizes in each pattern.  I am always available to help you with any sizing problems.  I look forward to many years in this business and would appreciate your comments and any ideas to help make Timeless Stitches patterns the Best!

Every carpet bag Z'Etiquette produces is truly a labor of love. All of our bags are made out of the finest tapestries, chenille's and velvet's we can find. Every bag is lined in a heavy denim or canvas which helps to provide extra strength and structure for the bag. Most of our woman's bags come with our own signature parasol or umbrella holder on the outside front of the carpet bag.

Men's carpet bags may come with a cane holder or a plain front. Any size from our largest to our smallest carpet bag will accommodate the parasol holder, but only the large and medium are able to have the cane holder. We make all of our straps and closures from the same material as the bag itself and we put a Plexiglas board in a separate pocket in the bottom of the bag for easy removal and spot cleaning.

G&M Mercantile
We are a family ran business and have been involved in re-enacting for 22 years and have been operating as a full time Sutlery for over 6 years. We are located on the West Coast and have traveled as far east as Gettysburg, PA. Offering a full range of merchandise from souvenir items to complete officer uniforms, we offer assistance with light gunsmithing and cobbler work. We have a custom seamstress available to suit individual’s needs and our main goal is to fulfill all of the Re-enactor’s needs.

Holzer & Combe Haberdashery
We specialize in gentlemen's clothing from the casual to the formal, with all the necessary accessories, including top hats, gloves, canes, and pocket watches, to dress the discerning Londoner. 
We are located at
The Great Dickens Fair at the Cow Palace in Daly City. The Fair is on Weekends from Friday after Thanksgiving through the weekend before Christmas.

Corny Broom Company
Authentic Hand Made Period Correct Brooms.  Made right before your very eyes.

M&M Blacksmithing
 M&M Blacksmithing is a portable shop that caters to reenactors and history buffs.

Sewing and Company
Civil War Seamstress Extraordinaire